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Subject Editors

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Igor Kessous            

Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Sul de Minas (IFSULDEMINAS)
Poços de Caldas, Brazil

Taxa: Bromeliaceae
Subject: Biogeography; Systematics; Taxonomy; Phylogeny
Regions: Brazil; South America

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Isabel Larridon                

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Richmond, England, United Kingdom

Taxa: Cyperaceae
Subject: Molecular systematics; Nomenclature; Morphology & Anatomy; Biogeography; Catalogues and Checklists; Identification key; Systematics; Taxonomy; Phylogeny; Biodiversity & Conservation
Regions: Africa

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Lorenzo Lazzaro            

University of Florence
Firenze, Italy

Subject: Biological Invasions; Populations & Communities; Global Change; Ecology; Community Ecology; Islands
Regions: Southern Europe and Mediterranean

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Pierre Meerts            

Meise Botanic Garden
Meise, Belgium

Taxa: Lamiaceae
Subject: Floristics & Distribution; Ecology
Regions: Africa

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Marco Pellegrini                

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Richmond, United Kingdom

Taxa: Nymphaeales; Mayacaceae; Ranunculales; Basellaceae; Commelinales
Subject: Molecular systematics; Nomenclature; Morphology & Anatomy; Taxonomy; Floristics & Distribution
Regions: Brazil

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Elmar Robbrecht                

Meise Botanic Garden
Meise, Belgium

Taxa: Rubiaceae
Subject: Nomenclature; Morphology & Anatomy; Identification key; Systematics; Taxonomy; Floristics & Distribution
Regions: Africa

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Sergey Rosbakh                

University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark

Taxa: Gymnospermae; Angiospermae
Subject: Reproductive Biology; Seeds & Germination; Plant Functional Traits; Vegetation Science; Mountain and Highlands; Tundra and Arctic Deserts; Grasslands; Wetlands; Global Change; Ecology

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Federico Selvi            

University of Florence
Florence, Italy

Taxa: Brassicaceae; Boraginaceae
Subject: Vegetation Science; Systematics; Floristics & Distribution; Phylogeny; Biodiversity & Conservation; Forests - General and Temperate; Habitats, Ecosystems & Natural Spaces; Community Ecology
Regions: Southern Europe and Mediterranean

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Ana Rita Simões                

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
London, United Kingdom

Taxa: Convolvulaceae
Subject: Palynology; Systematics; Taxonomy
Regions: Africa

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André Simões    

State University of Campinas
Campinas, Brazil

Taxa: Gentianales; Apocynaceae
Subject: Molecular systematics; Nomenclature; Morphology & Anatomy; Biogeography; Systematics; Taxonomy; Phylogeny
Regions: South America

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Tariq Stévart            

Missouri Botanical Garden, Africa & Madagascar Department
St. Louis, United States of America

Taxa: Orchidaceae
Subject: Nomenclature; Biogeography; Catalogues and Checklists; Systematics; Taxonomy; Biodiversity & Conservation; Global Change; Ecology
Regions: Africa

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Pensoft Publishers
Sofia, Bulgaria

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