Plant Ecology and Evolution 144(1): 82-95, doi: 10.5091/plecevo.2011.388
New and overlooked Acanthaceae taxa from D.R.Congo, Rwanda and Burundi: (1) the genus Barleria
expand article infoDominique Champluvier
Open Access
Background and aims – This is a first contribution describing novelties in the Acanthaceae, discovered on the occasion of the preparation of the families' instalment for the 'Flore d'Afrique centrale'. It deals with the genus Barleria. Methods – Material from BR, BRLU, BM and K was examined. Flowers were boiled in water and examined under a Wild M5 lens. Others measurements were made on dry material. Results – Two new species representing cases of vicariance and four other novelties belong to sect. Barleria. A vicariant pair of sect. Fissimura and a new species of sect. Cavirostrata are presented. The identity of the overlooked Barleria kaessneri (sect. Somalia) is clarified. The eight new species come from the Zambezian centre of endemism (some of them transgressing in the Guineo-Congolian centre). Drawings or photographs are provided for most species.