Plant Ecology and Evolution 143(2): 191-198, doi: 10.5091/plecevo.2010.400
Two new taxa in Magnistipula (Chrysobalanaceae) from Korup National Park, Cameroon
expand article infoXander van der burgt
‡ Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, United Kingdom
Open Access
Background – In the course of the identification work of trees in the permanent plots around the “P transect” in the southern part of Korup National Park, Cameroon, two new taxa in Magnistipula Engl. were discovered. Key resultsMagnistipula multinervia Burgt and Magnistipula butayei De Wild. subsp. korupensis Burgt (Chrysobalanaceae) are described and illustrated. M. multinervia is the thirteenth described species of Magnistipula. It is a rainforest tree to 41 m high with relatively small leaves (usually 7–10 cm long), and with stipules to 12 × 4 mm, with 10–20 parallel, longitudinal veins. M. butayei subsp. korupensis is the eleventh described subspecies of M. butayei. It is a rainforest tree to c. 30 m high with relatively elongated flowers and elongated persistent stipules. Conservation status – The two new taxa are only known from the southern part of Korup National Park in Cameroon. Both taxa are very rare; a survey done of 8936 trees over 10 cm stem diameter resulted in respectively four and fourteen trees registered of the two taxa. The numbers of known living trees presently are four and fifteen. The IUCN conservation status of both taxa is assessed as “Critically Endangered” CR D.