Plant Ecology and Evolution 148(1): 144-148, doi: 10.5091/plecevo.2015.975
Typification of seven Chinese species of Pedicularis (Orobanchaceae) described by Bureau and Franchet with taxonomic notes
expand article infoWen-Bin Yu, Hong Wang, Yong-Quan Ren, De-Zhu Li
‡ Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Acadeny of Sciences, Kunming, China
Open Access
Background – Seven species of Pedicularis ( P. batangensis, P. birostris, P. goniantha, P. microphyton, P. princeps, P. rhynchodonta and P. tatsienensis ) described by Bureau & Franchet are based on collections made by Prince Henri d'Orléans in 1890. Because these specimens lack collection numbers Bureau & Franchet merely described their provenance in the protologue, which has created much subsequent difficulty for authors seeking to access the types. Material and Methods – Type materials conserved at P were seen and accessed online through high quality digital photographs. Other materials conserved at CDBI, F, GH, KUN NY, PE, and US were also examined. Key results – The lectotypes for seven names are designated. In addition, P. przewalskii var. hirsuta H.L.Li is newly reduced to synonym of P. przewalskii subsp. microphyton (≡ P. microphyton ), and P. rhynchodonta f. maxima is also lectotypified herein.