Plant Ecology and Evolution 150(3): 363-366, doi: 10.5091/plecevo.2017.1323
The identity of the obscure Lannea glabrescens (Anacardiaceae) from western central Africa
expand article infoFrans Breteler
‡ AR Wageningen, Wageninger, Netherlands
Open Access
Background and aims – The treatment of the Anacardiaceae for the Flore du Gabon had to deal with three obscure Lannea names described from South Cameroon, namely L. glabrescens Engl., L. longifoliolata Engl. & Krause, and L. zenkeri Engl. & Krause. The type material of two of these names had been lost at Berlin. The paper aims at establishing their identity.
Methods – Normal practices of herbarium taxonomy have been applied to study the available herbarium material from BR, BRLU, HBG, K, MA, P and WAG. The relevant collecting data are stored in the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, Section Botany. Arcgis 10.2.2. was used to produce the distribution map.
Key results Lannea longifoliolata and L. zenkeri proved to be synonyms of L. welwitschii (Hiern) Engl. and L. glabrescens represents a hitherto neglected distinct species. Lannea glabrescens is neotypified and provided with a description and an illustration. Its distribution is mapped. A key is given to distinguish the two species of the western central African forest. Lannea longifoliolata and L. zenkeri are synonymised under L. welwitschii and typified.