Classification tree after one cycle of cost complexity pruning. The terminal nodes are the result of assignment by cross-validation. The terminal cross-validated groups are named by the species with the largest number of individuals assigned to that group; the numbers separated by a slash represent on the left the number of individuals originally from the species of the leaf name, and on the right the total number of individuals assigned to that leaf by CART; the percentages represent the proportion of the total number of individuals of the study assigned to that leaf. Each node is marked by the character that provides the optimal binary split of the individuals at that node; the logical statement at each node (e.g. glume width at the root node) indicates that individuals for which the statement is true pass to the left-hand branch and those for which it is false to the right-hand branch.

  Part of: Xanthos M, Mayo SJ, Larridon I (2023) Reassessment of morphological species delimitations in the Cyperus margaritaceus-niveus complex using morphometrics. Plant Ecology and Evolution 156(1): 112-127.