Photographs illustrating a selection of species treated in this paper. A, B. Inversodicraea thollonii (A: Boupoya et al. 1948; B: Boupoya et al. 1943). C. Ledermanniella aloides (Boupoya et al. 1749). D, E. Ledermanniella bifurcata (D: Boupoya et al. 1954; E: Boupoya et al. 1958). F, G. Ledermanniella pusilla (F: Boupoya et al. 1733; G: Boupoya et al. 1735). H. Ledermanniella pygmaea (H: Boupoya et al. 1764). Photographs: Archange Boupoya.

  Part of: Bidault E, Boupoya A, Ikabanga DU, Nguimbit I, Texier N, Rutishauser R, Mesterházy A, Stévart T (2023) Novitates Gabonenses 93: a fresh look at Podostemaceae in Gabon following recent inventories, with a new combination for Ledermanniella nicolasii. Plant Ecology and Evolution 156(1): 59-84.