Drawing of Inversodicraea nicolasii. A. Sterile shoot tip with young leaves and stem scales (scale bar: 0.5 mm). B. Fertile shoot before anthesis (scale bar: 5 mm). C. Capsule, one valve removed (scale bar: 1 mm). D. Flower at anthesis (scale bar: 2 mm), ovary with two stigmas dropped. E. Cross-section of the ovary (scale bar: 0.5 mm). F. Detail of the ovary (scale bar: 1 mm). G. Fertile lateral shoot and portion of the main stem (scale bar: 1 cm). A, E, F: Texier et al. 2247; B: Nguimbit et al. 8; C, D: Boupoya et al. 2445; G: Nguimbit et al. 7. Drawings by Anne-Hélène Paradis, based on preliminary drawings by Rolf Rutishauser.

  Part of: Bidault E, Boupoya A, Ikabanga DU, Nguimbit I, Texier N, Rutishauser R, Mesterházy A, Stévart T (2023) Novitates Gabonenses 93: a fresh look at Podostemaceae in Gabon following recent inventories, with a new combination for Ledermanniella nicolasii. Plant Ecology and Evolution 156(1): 59-84. https://doi.org/10.5091/plecevo.96359