Parianella capixaba sp. nov. A. Culm. B. Rhizome. C. Detail of the leaf sheath apex showing pseudopetiole and fimbriae. D. Synflorescence. E. Gynecandrous whorl showing staminate spikelets with glumes (g) and long pedicels (p). F. Lemma of the pistillate spikelet. G–H. Glumes of the pistillate spikelet (abaxial view). Drawn by Fabrício Moreira Ferreira; A–B: from the paratype (C.N. Fraga et al. 2183, HUEFS000013599); C–H: from the holotype (V. Demuner et al. 1828, MBML00019821).

  Part of: Ferreira FM, Oliveira RP, Clark LG, Welker CAD (2022) A new species of Parianella (Poaceae, Bambusoideae, Olyreae) marks the southernmost distribution of the genus in Brazil. Plant Ecology and Evolution 155(3): 425-432.