Waltheria marielleae . A. Flowering branch with detail of the trichomes. B. Bracteoles. C. Brevistylous flower. D. Longistylous flower. E. Calyx showing internal surface. F. Calyx lobe with trichomes removed showing veins. G. Petal (adaxial surface). H. Stamens and part of the gynoecium of a longistylous flower. I. Stamens and stigma of a brevistylous flower. J. Gynoecium of a brevistylous flower. K. Capsule. L. Seed. A, B, D–H from Coutinho et al. 375 (UFP, holotype); C, I–L from Coutinho et al. 376 (UFP, paratype). Drawn by Regina Carvalho.

  Part of: Silva Coutinho T, Analía Sader M, Pedrosa-Harand A, Alves M (2022) Waltheria marielleae (Byttnerioideae, Malvaceae), a new species from north-eastern Brazil supported by morphological and phylogenetic evidence. Plant Ecology and Evolution 155(3): 353-362. https://doi.org/10.5091/plecevo.94921