Carapichea guianensis. A. Habit. B. Detail of lower leaf surface. C. Inflorescence with long-styled flowers. D. Inflorescence with short-styled flowers. E. Infructescence. A from plant not collected, Mont Itoupé, French Guiana; B–C from Lachenaud 1725; D from plant not collected, Camopi, French Guiana; E from plant not collected, Bellevue de Papaïchton, French Guiana. Photographs by Sébastien Sant (A, D–E) and Olivier Lachenaud (B–C).

  Part of: Lachenaud O, Delprete P (2022) Revision of Carapichea (Rubiaceae-Psychotrieae) in the Guianas, with two new combinations and transfer of three species to Notopleura. Plant Ecology and Evolution 155(2): 275-300.