Carapichea galbaoensis. A. Stem with leaves, stipules, and inflorescences. B. Nodes with stipules. C. Flower bud and two floral bracts. D. Corolla at anthesis with partially exserted anthers, lateral view. E. Stamens, adaxial and lateral view. F. Infructescence surrounded by bracts, top view. G. Fruit (left) and seed (right). A–E from Mori & Pipoly 15511; F–G from Marshall & Rombold 102. Drawn by Bobbi Angell. Reproduced from Mori et al. (2002: figure 279) with permission.

  Part of: Lachenaud O, Delprete P (2022) Revision of Carapichea (Rubiaceae-Psychotrieae) in the Guianas, with two new combinations and transfer of three species to Notopleura. Plant Ecology and Evolution 155(2): 275-300.