Spatial distribution of taxonomically validated records of Holoregmia viscida (Martyniaceae). The inset shows the extent of the Caatinga in South America as proposed by IBGE (2019), while the main map shows the Caatinga with its main geomorphologies. Note that H. viscida is restricted to the southern part of the lowlands of the crystalline landscapes of the Depressão Sertaneja and a few associated highlands.

  Part of: Rabelo-Costa T, Portal Gomes PW, Oliveira Rocha B, Leite Cruz I, Santiago Alves R, Rocha de Sousa Oliveira T, Passos Cordeiro JL, Ferreira Fernandes M, Lughadha EN, Freire Moro M (2022) The fate of Holoregmia, a monospecific genus endemic to the Brazilian Caatinga, under different future climate scenarios. Plant Ecology and Evolution 155(2): 261-274.