50% majority-rule consensus tree obtained from the Bayesian inference analysis of the nrDNA ITS sequences in selected species of Silene. Posterior probabilities (PP) ≥ 0.70 are shown above the branches and bootstrap values (BS) ≥ 75 below. Gray box shows S. sect. Silene s.l. Accessions newly sequenced are indicated by an asterisk. Two accessions of S. arabica that we did not confirm are indicated by a plus sign.

  Part of: Jafari F, Keshavarzi M, Rabeler RK (2022) Species delimitation and phylogenetic relationships of Silene villosa s.l. (Caryophyllaceae, sect. Silene s.l.) using nrDNA ITS and cpDNA rps16. Plant Ecology and Evolution 155(3): 394-403. https://doi.org/10.5091/plecevo.85790