SEM images of successive developmental stages of the gynoecium in Dialypetalanthus fuscescens. All images are lateral views. A. Opened locule with U-shaped early placenta with multiple ovule primordia. B–E. Idem, ovules develop top to bottom. B–C. Side view on U-shaped placenta. B. Developing single style starting to protrude above the stamens, its base surrounded by a whorl of trichomes. D. Adaxial view on placenta with distally semi-mature ovules. E. Adaxial view on placenta with unitegmic mature ovules (purple arrowheads). F. Semi-mature single style and stigmas (purple arrowheads). Colour code: purple, gynoecium; yellow, androecium. Symbols: a, anther; f, filament; pl, placenta; s, stamen; sp, septum; st, style; purple arrow, placenta; white arrow, whorl of hairs at style base.

  Part of: Vrijdaghs A, De Block P, De Toni KLG, Smets E, Robbrecht E (2022) Floral ontogeny links Dialypetalanthus (Condamineeae) with the floral developmental morphology of other Rubiaceae. Plant Ecology and Evolution 155(3): 394-403.