Photograph of the isotype of Keraunea brasiliensis (Passos et al. 5263) deposited at RBG Kew’s herbarium showing the open fragment capsule storing leaves of K. brasiliensis (lower photographic detail showing unbranched hairs with bulbous base) and a single leaf of Mascagnia cordifolia (upper photographic detail showing 2-branched hairs). Photograph by Rafael Felipe de Almeida.

  Part of: de Almeida RF, Pellegrini MO, de Morais IL, Simão-Bianchini R, Rattanakrajang P, Cheek M, Simões ARG (2023) Barking up the wrong tree: the dangers of taxonomic misidentification in molecular phylogenetic studies. Plant Ecology and Evolution 156(2): 146-159.