Consensus tree of the combined analysis based on the markers matK, rbcL, and ITS showing the phylogenetic placement of “Keraunea brasiliensis” (Passos et al. 5263) (highlighted in red) within Malpighiaceae, making the family non-monophyletic. Elatinaceae (highlighted in light grey) represents the outgroup and the root of this analysis. Bootstrap values from the ML are shown above the branches, and posterior probabilities from the BI are shown below the branches. The tree on the left is presented for branch length visualisation. Photographs of Elatine gratioloides A.Cunn. by Melissa Hutchison, Stigmaphyllon angustilobum A.Juss. by Rafael F. de Almeida, and Keraunea spp. by Geovane S. Siqueira.

  Part of: de Almeida RF, Pellegrini MO, de Morais IL, Simão-Bianchini R, Rattanakrajang P, Cheek M, Simões ARG (2023) Barking up the wrong tree: the dangers of taxonomic misidentification in molecular phylogenetic studies. Plant Ecology and Evolution 156(2): 146-159.