3D map of the Serra do Cabral massif (A) and some morphological differences between the grass-like Syagrus carvalhoi (B, D, F) and Syagrus cabraliensis (C, E, G). A. Relief of the SC and the location of S. carvalhoi and S. cabraliensis. B. Bluish, straight and ascending leaves. C. Dark green and slightly arched leaves. D. Symmetrical pinna tip. E. Asymmetrical pinna tip. F. Staminate flower with short pedicel (black arrowhead). G. Staminate flower with long pedicel (black arrowhead). Photographs B–G by Bruno F. Sant’Anna-Santos.

  Part of: Sant`Anna-Santos B, Micheli R, Carvalho LFL, Soffiatti P (2023) A new bluish-leaved Syagrus (Arecaceae) from an overlooked OCBIL in the Espinhaço Range (Brazil). Plant Ecology and Evolution 156(2): 129-145. https://doi.org/10.5091/plecevo.101027