Vegetative morphological aspects of Syagrus carvalhoi. A. Colonial habit near a rock outcrop (black arrowheads). B. Detail of A: straight and ascending leaves. C. Prostrated stem (white arrowhead). D. Roots (white arrowhead). E. Unbranched stem (white arrowhead). F. Forked stem (white arrowhead). G. Acaulescent specimen: without aerial stem (white arrowhead). Photographs by Bruno F. Sant’Anna-Santos.

  Part of: Sant`Anna-Santos B, Micheli R, Carvalho LFL, Soffiatti P (2023) A new bluish-leaved Syagrus (Arecaceae) from an overlooked OCBIL in the Espinhaço Range (Brazil). Plant Ecology and Evolution 156(2): 129-145.