Syagrus carvalhoi. A. Straight leaves. B. Spicate inflorescences and infructescences. C. Close-up to a symmetrical pinnae tip. D. Branched inflorescence. E. Staminate flowers at anthesis. F. Tetrad. G. Triad. H. Staminate flower. I. Filaments connate. J. Petal. K. Stamens: ventral view. L. Pistillode. M. Stamens: dorsal view. N. Transversal-section: valvate petals. O. Pistillate flower. P. Sepal keeled. Q. Petal obscurely nerved. R. Petal: trichomes. S. Pistil. T. Infructescence. U. Endocarp pores. A, C–U from Sant’Anna-Santos 377 (UPCB, holotype), spicate inflorescences and infructescences of B added from habitat photographs. Illustration by Gustavo Surlo.

  Part of: Sant`Anna-Santos B, Micheli R, Carvalho LFL, Soffiatti P (2023) A new bluish-leaved Syagrus (Arecaceae) from an overlooked OCBIL in the Espinhaço Range (Brazil). Plant Ecology and Evolution 156(2): 129-145.